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TGA Haulage is a Peterborough based, concrete pumping company that provides easy and quick deliveries and no-mess applications, offering a variety of different concrete mixes.

We have the tools and equipment for any job and our friendly customer care team are always happy to answer any questions or queries you may have regarding our concrete pumping services in Peterborough

Concrete pumping has been produced in order to create an efficient and convenient delivery service, pouring concrete with ease, swiftly and cleanly.

Explore our services and our supplies. For all concrete-pumping questions, please email us at or call us directly on 07701358581.

Concrete Pumping In Peterborough

Thinking of having some work done to your Peterborough based property? Our experienced team at TGA Concrete have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in any concrete pumping venture.

Having served the people of Peterborough for several years, and maintaining an excellent trust pilot rating, it’s clear to see why the East Midlands choose us for all of their concrete mixing needs.

If you’re looking to liven up your driveway or any other part of your household or property TGA Concrete is here to help you every step of the way.

If you are ready for our services or merely considering if you’ll require a concrete pump, call TGA today to receive your free quote and answer any queries or concerns.

TGA concrete is proud to offer Peterborough the most efficient and cost-effective, concrete pumping services possible. We pride ourselves on always leaving the workspace in the same condition as we found it.

Our services are as fast and detailed as possible, making sure that we are fully prepared in advance for any Peterborough jobs.

Still not sure if TGA is for you? Find out why so many of Peterborough’s residents return to us time and time again just by reading our trust pilot reviews! Or even just give us a call, our team of approachable, fully trained Concrete Pumpers are always happy to share their expertise and knowledge regarding any concrete related concerns.

We can offer you a wide range of different concrete mixes, specially chosen for specific jobs and tasks, or if you already have you’re own concrete ready to go, maybe our concrete pump services are more suited for your situation, coming equipped with all the necessary kit and trained professionals.

Because remember, why hump it when you can pump it? Call TGA Concrete today, for high-quality concrete services in Peterborough.


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Why hire concrete pumping?

Without the use of these pumps, concrete applications would be extremely expensive, labour intensive and a physically demanding job. In addition to this, the risk of waste and spillage increases by an extraordinary amount.

Concrete pumps are a versatile and efficient way of transporting wanted concrete from one place to another, making life in applying concrete much easier.

There are different types of concrete pumping used in construction projects, each with their own benefits:

  • Boom Pumps: These are designed for when concrete pumps are unable to reach high places, such as roofs.
  • Ground Pumps: These are mounted on a truck, and are designed to transport concrete safely and securely using connected steel pipes.
  • Stationary Pumps: These are mounted on a trailer, and require a separate pipeline to be attached.



is capable of pumping a wide range of materials from foam concrete and flowing screed to coarse pump mixes.



Find out why TGA Concrete Pumping is trusted by thousands of local satisfied customers

"Just wanted to say thanks for Monday. Got to say that the pump was simply brilliant. ​I had no idea that shifting 16m3 of concrete could be so quick and easy. I don't know why I didn't use it for the first 6m3 of concrete which nearly killed me with a wheel barrow!! I was very impressed with the whole set up, your driver was very helpful, totally efficient and thoroughly professional in every way. I'd have absolutely no hesitation in using your services again nor recommending you to anyone else."
"I would just like to send a nice email to show my appreciation for your pump operator who was at our Cambridge site. He was extremely helpful, patient and polite. A true credit to TGA Concrete Pumping. I hope to bump into him again in the future."
"Many thanks for your help and good service on this project, and we will be in touch with you again when we are working in your area."


Based in Yaxley, Cambridgeshire and close to the A1M we have easy access to the whole of the UK. We predominantly work across the following areas:

**If your site is further afield please contact us to check availability.

How to prepare for a concrete pumping service:

Due to the impact of the coronavirus and its health and safety risks among all manner of professions, all our practices must abide by following COVID-19 safety measures. For all intents and purposes, all parties present within the site must wear a face mask .

In addition to this preparation, we must also ask that your site is clear of any items, debris, or anything that may get in the way of our concrete pumping trucks, to ensure that the pumps are placed correctly and will continue its service with as less disruption as possible.

Concrete Pumping FAQs:

How does a concrete pump work?

A pump works by drawing liquid concrete into a cylinder from a hopper, using one piston. A valve determining which cylinder is open to the concrete hopper and which one is open to the discharge pipes switches over each time the pistons reach the end point.

How long does it take to pump concrete?

Concrete pumping can swiftly place and apply concretes faster than manually applying them, or any other method of appliance. On average, concrete pumping would usually take two and a half hours, depending on the amount of workers pumping the concrete.

Is it more expensive to use concrete pumping services?

In short, it’s less expensive to mix your own concrete. However, taking into account other factors such as physical demand, knowledge of mixing and the time it takes to create your own concrete, you will be spending more resources than saving them.

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