Concrete Pump Supply

Here at TGA Concrete, we specialise in supplying pumpable concrete here in Peterborough and the surrounding areas. We are experts in placing concrete and flowing screeds in hard to reach or awkward places where a concrete mixer cannot get direct access.

Our quick service is clean and tidy and delivered at the lowest possible cost to you. Whether you’re a builder, construction company or a homeowner undergoing building works, you may be in need of our concrete pumping services.

TGA Concrete Pumping can pump a wide range of concrete mixes but if you cannot see what you’re looking for mentioned below, please contact us and we will endeavour to help you with your concrete enquiry.
As well as this, we also work with a large group of concrete companies and can advise of availability in your area.

High-Quality Pump Mixes

When hiring a concrete pump for a job, it is important to pick the correct pump mix for the scenario. Our concrete mixes are specially formatted to ensure that they are able to easily flow through the lines when under pressure.

It is very important to mention that concrete pumps can not pump any old concrete as some mixes are too coarse and will block the pump, hence why we recommend our high-quality pump mixes.
TGA Concrete are extremely well experienced in pumping flooring mixes and have lots of specialised equipment perfect for flowing screed. Whether you are laying a reinforced or unreinforced floor, for a garage, house or conservatory, there are many mixes suppliable by TGA Concrete suitable for your needs.

TGA Concrete will be happy to offer friendly, expert advice on which type of concrete is the easiest to place for your certain situation, as well as the pros and cons for each particular mix.
We have small easy to handle pipes specifically designed for floor products. We understand how important it is to get in the smaller, hard to reach spaces, which is why we also have other equipment for floor laying that can be hired.

Waterproof Concrete

Waterproof concrete is a specialist product that has a waterproofing agent added to it. This waterproofing agent prevents water from penetrating the hardened concrete and obtains a high water vapour resistance making it perfect for use in basements and swimming pools, or other places with high water vapour levels which may danger average concrete mixes.

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If you have any remaining questions please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to help! We can offer quotes at competitive prices and can offer expert advice on which concrete mixes are the best for your particular job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best concrete mix is different for each job it is required for. When pumping concrete into basements and around swimming pools, we recommend our waterproof pump supply. When filling in areas in tight situations it is important that concrete isn’t too coarse otherwise it can clog the thin, specialist pumps.

Yes, most of the concrete pumps that we offer for hire, are fitted with thin nozzles in order to fit into tight areas where a big, bulky pump wouldn’t be able to. Therefore our pumps require a much smoother concrete mix, to ensure that it doesn’t clog the tubing.

Most concretes are made up of cement mixed with rocks and bits of gravel. When mixed with water the cement acts as a binding agent causing all the small rocks and gravel parts to come together and harden.